Showcasing over $2,000,000 of finished packaging machinery inventory, the Paxiom System Center is the perfect environment for testing your product on one of our many packaging solutions.

The System Center offers customers an ideal setting to try our machinery and discuss their needs with our trained staff. It is important to be comfortable with your investment, at the System Center no question is left unanswered.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the widest range of packaging technologies from filling to bagging to conveying to case erecting and palletizing.


  • Combination scales
  • Linear scales
  • Auger filler
  • Vertical baggers
  • Horizontal baggers
  • Case & Tray formers
  • Conveyors
  • Complete systems

Learn at WeighPack

Learn the ins and outs of our mechanics and software,as
well as preventative maintenance and sanitation training.

PrimoCombi Scale brocolli and cauliflower

Send your raw product to our facility where we will test,
validate and run on our various packaging solutions.

technical training

Free advance technical training prior to delivery of our packaging solutions.


Both centers are located minutes from the airport, and we
are happy to chauffeur to and from our facility.