Designed to take a tray blank, one at a time, from the hopper, and pull it through forming plows, erecting the side and end panels of the tray, while at the same time folding in the minor flaps. When the tray reaches the bottom of the vertical travel, a set of pneumatically controlled bars fold and lock the roll-over flap in place. The finished tray is then ejected from the machine.

Eagle Packaging Solutions
Poplok Package Type
  • 1, 2,3 4, tuck or multi 'fold & tuck' models available
  • Form large or small trays with or without a lid
  • Quick size adjustment - NO MANDREL to change
  • Quick change-over
  • Eliminate repetitive motion issues and claims
  • 100% recyclable trays-No glue and no tape
  • Heavy duty, welded steel frame
  • Interlocked/admin safety gates or doors
  • Vertical blank hopper
  • Venturi vacuum technology used in tray erection
  • Omron PLC
  • Color touch screen allowing adjustment and full access to all functions and timing of machine and trouble shooting
  • Tray erection system
  • Central valve exhaust for noise reduction and clean air
  • Steel-It paint with all moving parts painted bright yellow
  • 24 VDC control voltage
  • All electronics controls
  • On-line detailed operation manual accessible through HMI