EZ Glue Case Sealers

EZGLUE case sealers will take the erected box with product and seal the top of the case with hot melt glue. The case will come from the conveyor, where the case will be stopped by the box stop. When the machine is ready to accept the box, the box stop will proceed, allowing the box to enter the machine. The box then transfers through the machine. As the box travels through the machine, the front minor flap and the rear minor flap will be tucked into the box. Glue will be applied to the minor flaps and, at the same time, the minor flaps will be folded over the top of the case. The case will then travel under a set of compression rollers sealing the top of the case.

  • Heavy duty, welded steel frame
  • Mechanical chain drive
  • Interlocked safety gates or doors
  • Omron PLC
  • Touch screen user interface allowing adjustment of glue patterns, full access to all functions and timing of machine and trouble shooting
  • Steel-It paint with all moving parts painted bright yellow
  • Nordson ProBlue glue system
  • All electric controls
  • 24 VDC control voltage for safety
  • Set-up for one (1) case size
  • Detailed operation and maintenance manual
EZGLUE Case Sealer