EZ FORM Semi-Automatic Random Case Erector with Bottom Tape Sealer

Increase output and reduce labor costs when forming cases with the very affordable EZ-FORM. Ideal for those utilizing a variety of box sizes, the EZ-FORM erects and bottom seals a range of case sizes without adjustment. Simply open and place your knock down blank and the EZ-FORM will eject a load-ready box.

EZ-Form erects and bottom seals a range of case sizes without adjustment

Semi- Automatic & Automatic Case Sealers - EZ TAPE

The EZ-TAPE Case Sealers are an easy to use and completely adjustable case sealer. Available in semi-automatic and automatic models; these case sealers are capable of taping both the bottom and/or top of the case. Front, back, and side flaps are automatically folded. Heavy duty side-belt drives ensures square cases and provide tight seals. Dual masts provide stability during the entire sealing process. Size changeover is quick and easy and the entire unit is height-adjustable. EZ-TAPE Case Sealers features tool-less tape heads for accurate and consistent sealing with easily removable tape cartridges. This portable sealer with casters uses 120 VAC and can work independently or as part of a complete production line.

  • Quick adjust/Change-over
  • Positive side belt drive
  • Automatically close and seal HSC and RSC cases
  • Easy load tape cartridge
  • 2" or 3" tape widths
  • Gator™ tool-less tape heads
  • Casters for mobility
  • Speeds up to 15 cases per minute
EZTAPE Automatic Case Sealer