Designed to take one blank tray at a time and pull it down with vacuum cups from the hopper. The blank is fed under the glue guns, where glue is applied to the minor flaps of the tray. The blank travels under the ram mandrel, where it is forced down through corner folders, forming the tray. The tray is held in a compression area until the next tray enters the forming section. This tray will then be dropped onto a discharge conveyor where it will exit the machine.

Eagle Packaging Solutions
Vassoyo Clamshell Auto Lock
Vassoyo Clamshell Package Type
  • High speed - up to 40 trays per minute
  • Large tray size range - run large or small trays, with or without lid
  • Quick change-over
  • Compact footprint
  • Mechanical low maintenance drive
  • Color touch screen user interface allowing adjustment of glue patterns, full access to all functions and timing of machine
  • Nordson glue system (includes start up support from Nordson)
  • Vertical blank hopper
  • Venturi vacuum technology used in tray extraction from hopper
  • Positive tray forming system using male mandrel and adjustable female die
  • High speed pinch roller mechanism indexes the tray blank at a constant speed, under the glue guns, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in applying of the hot melt glue
  • Continuously running out-feed belt conveyor provides quick product evacuation
  • Interlocked safety doors
  • All electric controls
  • Sealed ball bearing in blank transfer and self-cleaning tracks
  • Steel-It paint with all moving parts painted bright yellow
  • 24 VDC control voltage for safety
  • On-line detailed operation manual accessible through HMI

Length Width Depth Length Width
Vassoyo™ 3029 Min 9" (229mm) 7" (178mm) 1.5" (39mm) 13" (330mm) 11" (280mm)
Max 22" (558mm) 21" (533mm) 6" (152mm) 30" (762mm) 29" (280mm)
Vassoyo™ 3934 Min 14" (356mm) 6" (153mm) 1.5" (39mm) 20" (508mm) 10" (254mm)
Max 32" (812mm) 28" (711mm) 8" (203mm) 39" (990mm) 34" (863mm)
Vassoyo™ Clamshell Min 12" (305mm) 8" (204mm) 2" (51mm) 20" (508mm) 10" (254mm)
Max 18" (457mm) 12" (304mm) 6" (152mm) 30" (762mm) 18" (457mm)

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