• VASSOYO AIR PNEUMATIC TRAY ERECTOR Vassoyo Air automatically erects and glues virtually any type of tray, whether it is a Citrus, Produce, Bliss, Showcase or many other tray designs.
    Designed for quick changeover in a compact footprint.

  • Benefits

    • Increase output
    • Mobile, easy to move
    • Large tray size range
    • Quick return on investment
    • Runs complex trays and blanks


    • Nordson glue system
    • Color touch screen HMI
    • Omron PLC
    • Quick size change over
    • High capacity hopper
    • Easy access panels
    • Welded heavy duty tubular steel frame construction
    • Venturi vacuum technology
    • Valve control exhaust for quiet operation
    • Interlocked safety gates or doors